As long you follow our instructions and respect the boat and the sea, you don’t have to worry. Just be aware of your surroundings and stay inside the limits we provide you and we guarantee that you are going to have a perfect day cruising.

To rent one of our Ribs you would need an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) with a specialization to power boats (Licenses for just coastal trips, will not be accepted). You also need a translation of your license from your local embassy according to Greek laws.

Yes, with the precaution that they have to wear life vest when on board.

Life jackets and all lifesaving equipment are supplied on every Rib for all emergency making your experience totally safe.

All our Ribs have a larger radius of an area that they can cover, from the West coast of Porto Katsiki & Egremnoi beach to the Easter side of Kalamos and Kastos, to the South there is Kefalonia and Ithaca and lastly to the North Paxos and Antipaxos.

All our Ribs have enough fuel to cover the total area, there are also fuel station that you can top up from.

The fuel liters calculated are charged per liter on the daily fuel rate from the local gas station.

Yes, we are required by law to insure all our Ribs with third party insurance, full insurance is optional for all our customers at an extra cost that provides a 1200-euro excess.

We advise you to book your boat at least 4 days before, especially during high season. (3-8 days in advance)

We offer ice coolers free of charge upon departure we also supply ice to go with your snacks and beverages, please ask our staff assist you.

In case of any malfunction or breakdown, contact us immediately at one of the numbers we provided you before departing. Usually, a direct solution is given following simple instructions over the phone and the problem is restored.

In case of a breakdown, we provide an immediate solution by sending our engineers to fix the problem or provide you with a boat change over.

All our Ribs are fully equipped with the following:

Anchor, life raft, life jackets, ropes, fire extinguisher, signaling flares-smoke signals, pharmacy, torch & GPS tracking system.

In order to book a 30% down payment is required.

In case of bad weather (rain or wind) we are able to re-arrange your rental to the upcoming days or cancel the booking.

Our Ribs can be picked up at our office location in Nidri sea front. We also provide deliveries to your location with the condition of at least a three-day consecutive rental. 

Ribs with one main engine include spare engines which need an extremely simple starting procedure.

Ribs with one main engine include spare engines which need an extremely simple starting procedure.

If the rib can safely stay at the jetty depending on the locations weather & mooring point is safe enough yes you may. The vessel will be moored with your own responsibility for the duration of your rental.

All vessels are equipped with sun tents (Bimini).

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